Fresh start


So it’s been a while since I’ve updated this, albeit not forever. I’ve made a lot of “life decisions” recently and with that and work, I haven’t had much time to write.

Alas here I am!

So I joined the gym, it’s been 4 days so far and I’ve been three times, so I’m hopefully I’ll keep this up.

Of course it’s all about losing weight, but really now I am looking to change my lifestyle. I feel I’m getting to the age now where there’s no turning back, so it’s now or never.

But I’m starting small, my fitness level does not enable me to spend hours and hours in the gym, but everyone has to start somewhere.

So, my current fitness plan, which will last a few weeks, is:

– 15 minutes treadmill, 5.5km 5.0 incline

– 15 minutes crosstrainer, level 8

– 10 minutes rower, resistance 6

– 5 minutes stepper, resistance 5

Followed up but a few weight machines to help as well.

I’m also trying out some meal replacement shakes, suitable for exercising, in order to give me a kick start as well. Once I’ve sussed out what food I’m going to be relying on, I’ll drop that in a separate post!

Thank you for your time, I’ll update you again soon!



What am I doing?!

I have made a commitment.

And I am terrified.

I have decided, to join the gym. Next week to be precise, (hah – isn’t it always “next week”!) But I am genuinely committed.

I guess coming to the realisation that I am at the last phase of my 20s is hitting home, and I am pretty sure I am now in the part of my life where looking after yourself properly is a necessity rather than a hobby. Saying that, massive props out there to people who mastered it years agi!

So yes, I am going to me fit and healthy in no time.

Wish me luck..



Bonjour, ca va?

So here I am, after not writing anything for nearly a decade, I am back..

So I guess I should start my telling you who I am, what I am doing, and what the plan is, so here it goes.

Alixandra Lawrence, awfully formal so Alix is fine. Yes that is the correct spelling, which outside of enduring years of abuse from “you’ve spelled your name wrong” to never having my own personalized stationary as a child, I actually love it, so well done to my wonderful parents for that blessing in disguise (because contrary to the above accusation, I did not name myself, and cannot, therefore, take any of the credit).

I am 27 years old. All 27 years have flown by. Currently I feel like it should be 2012 at a push and I should still only be 21. Its crazy isn’t it, you spend your childhood and adolescent with the big plan of when you will get married, when you will have children, when you will own a property, and now years on from all of my childhood targets, I feel less ready for any form of commitment by the day.

Saying that, I have a career which I am passionate about, I am a home owner, and I am happy, which I guess I missed off of my 7 year old checklist.

I have a Shih Tzu, her name is Bella and she is probably the most fantastic little thing you will ever encounter. My parents are still married, and they have given me very unrealistic expectations of the perfect relationship, which I believe does not exist anymore, and its kind of ruined my life, which I have told them about many times. Its a shame, but they are from a generation in which if something is broken, you fix it, in 2018, if something is broken, you google it, realise there are a hundred cheaper replacements, so you throw it away. I also have one brother, he is older.

So what am I doing here? I have no idea, and I don’t know if I ever will. I think despite being happy, there has been a feeling of being a little lost recently, so I guess the idea of channeling my mind into writing seems like it could help, then again it  might not. So I guess you can join me on a journey of self improvement and self discovery, and failing that, maybe just a few good inspirational quotes!

I guess we will have to see!

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed, please leave me some feedback, and until next time!


Au Revoir!



– There is no limit on what you can accomplish, except the limits that you place on your own thinking.

– Brian Tracy